Zodiac Signs That Always Scroll Their Phones

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There is no requirement for technological literacy or familiarity with meme culture in order to get a high screen time report on TikTok. Everyone has a distinct way they like to spend time on their phones, whether it’s browsing antique treasures on Depop or attempting to top their previous score in their favorite game. However, an astrologer has found that there are three zodiac signs that are more likely to have a greater average screen time than the others, thus this may explain why certain people have a hard time putting down their devices.

We can’t deny that our phones play an essential role in our daily lives. You can keep up with the latest in pop culture, maintain your Wordle streak, and even learn a new language with the help of Duolingo, all on your handy tiny pocket computer. However, there are three indicators that spend more time than any others on their screens because they can’t help but check their feeds whenever they have the chance. If you’re born under one of these three zodiac signs, you can finally have an excuse for your chronic smartphone addiction.


Social media is a great way for Cancers, who like to keep a low profile, to stay in touch with the outside world. One can only speculate as to how they utilize social media, but one possibility is that they learn about anything from global food trends and traditional meals to ancient customs and even their own neighborhood.

The astrologer adds a caveat that Cancer’s preoccupation with social media is just temporary, stating, The more Cancer can interact with people in every day, the less likely they are to become overly reliant on their phones as a source of emotional support.

Zodiac Signs That Always Scroll Their Phones


Libras, as the zodiac’s trendsetters, must be abreast of all the most recent developments in pop culture, politics, and society. If you observe a Libra constantly checking their phone, it’s probably not because they’re being impolite but because they’re keeping up with the newest news and trends in real-time.

Libras have a tendency to compare themselves to others and stress out over whether or not they measure up to accepted standards of behavior. They may also struggle with information overload, so it may be helpful for them to take pauses from their devices and focus on themselves.


Curious Aquarians probably aren’t too surprised to find their sign here, given that the air sign is known for its love of learning and analyzing cutting-edge technological developments.

Since Aquarians’ smartphones allow them to maintain their connections to the outside world, they spend a great deal of time skimming through information. If this describes you, use this as a little prod to stop living vicariously and start living for yourself.


In conclusion, astrology may provide light on a wide range of aspects of a person’s character, including their propensity for particular habits like excessive smartphone use. Personal tastes, lifestyle, and cultural influences, in addition to one’s zodiac sign, all contribute to shaping one’s habits, including the likelihood that one will spend a lot of time on one’s phone. It’s vital to keep in mind that astrological signs aren’t the only thing that might impact a person’s smartphone habits in the modern day.


Q1. Is there any correlation between a person’s zodiac sign and how often they use their smartphone?

Although astrological indications can shed light on a person’s character, they can’t be used as a reliable indicator of how often someone will check their phone. Some symptoms may be consistent with excessive smartphone usage, but ultimately, people’s actions are shaped by their unique combinations of genetics, upbringing, and social context.

Q2. Is it true that people of these signs seldom look up from their phones?

It’s not wise to generalize based on the possibility that particular zodiac signs are more inclined to use their phones frequently owing to innate characteristics. Any sign’s natives may use their phones more or less frequently depending on their own circumstances.

Q3. May a person’s zodiac sign influence how they use their smartphone?

While astrological insights might be helpful, altering one’s smartphone habits requires deliberate decision making and effort. Regardless of one’s astrological sign, everyone may benefit from practicing mindfulness and establishing personal limits in order to strike a good balance between phone use and other activities.

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