Zero-knowledge proofs will revolutionize on-chain credential verifications for zkMe, which raises $2M.

zkMe, the zero-knowledge identity oracle supplier, received $2 million in pre-seed investment from Circle Venture, Spartan Group, CMS Holdings, Fenbushi Capital, NGC Ventures, Arkstream Capital, and other top venture capital companies.

After coming out of stealth this month, the business announced its investment round despite closing it last year.

Individuals and organizations must manage identification and personal data in the digital age. ZkMe lets users selectively share their credentials with authorized parties without compromising their privacy, giving them complete control over their digital identities. Digital identities may be created and managed securely.

 The protocol may be used for fair airdrops, GameFi integrations, anonymous online data attestation, and DeFi private KYC compliance.

ZkMe's novel and secure DApp eligibility verification method protects user privacy. ZKPs may be used to encrypt, anonymize, and validate claims on the zkMe SSI mobile app. This assures only they handle their personal data.

zkMe's proof-of-personhood mechanism secures the DID holder's uniqueness, while a network of MPC nodes verifies ZKPs before minting them onto the user wallet as SBTs.

DApps may utilize the SBT to query anonymous yes/no statements from the zkMe network, such as whether the user is over 18, to verify user eligibility without accessing, processing, or keeping sensitive data.

Cryptography, smart contracts, UX, and front-end development experts make up zkMe. Three cryptography PhDs and 15 big-tech engineers make up the 23-person team. 

 Zero-knowledge proofs, machine learning, and decentralized identities help the company improve digital privacy and security.

 zkMe hopes to finish testing and add mainnet clients in a month with this money. It launched its initial infrastructure, GameFi, and DeFi agreements on social media.

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