Wyoming woman accused of burning abortion facility enters plea.

On Friday, a 22-year-old college student charged with arson will enter a plea in federal court.

According to court documents acquired by The Associated Press, Lorna Roxanne Green, 22, told investigators she burned the Wellspring Health Access clinic in Casper, Wyoming, weeks before its grand opening last year because she opposed abortion. 

Before the incident, the woman said she was anxious and having dreams about the clinic's June 12, 2022 launch.

After 10 months, Green was arrested on March 23. The Department of Justice arrested her because she was captured on tape breaking into the facility with a gasoline can and lighting it on fire.

The clinic's Facebook page reported $300,000 in smoke damage and smashed glass. No one was wounded.

After months without an arrest, investigators offered a $15,000 reward for information on the offender in publicly-released images of the video footage, which led to Green.

She might be imprisoned for 20 years and fined $250,000. Ryan Semerad, Green's attorney, looks forward to defending her in court.

The April 20-opened clinic provides medicated and surgical abortions, birth contraceptives, HIV/AIDS care, and other women's healthcare and family planning services.

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