Woman Shares 3 Easy Exercises That Promise to Keep Arms Flab-Free

Woman Shares 3 Easy Exercises That Promise to Keep Arms Flab-Free

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Everybody has physical features they wish they could change. When you consider that every body responds to exercise differently, some of them are more difficult to work on than others. 

Although Petra performs these routines with dumbbells, you may easily choose not to use them or substitute another similarly shaped object from your home. I drank out of water bottles throughout COVID. ANYTHING WORKS!

The first exercise is known as a shoulder press to bicep curl. Dumbbells should be held flat in front of your thighs and curled upward with the palms facing out. You will raise them above your head and lower them once they reach your chest, having turned them 90 degrees so that they are parallel to your feet. 3 sets of 12 reps should be repeated. 

Triceps kickback is the second exercise. With your hips set back and your shoulders back, you should lean forward while keeping your arms by your sides. The next step is to bring your hands up to your face and then "kick" them backward. 3 sets of 12 reps should be repeated.

A lateral rise is the final movement! You just raise the dumbbells while holding them at your sides to about shoulder height before lowering them again. 3 sets of 12 reps should be repeated.

You'll quickly start developing strength by following Petra's advice and doing this workout three to four times per week! Try increasing your weights every week, for example, from two pounds to five pounds, if you're seeking for an even more advanced version.

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