‘White Men Can’t Jump’ Talked Smack Masterclass

‘White Men Can’t Jump’ Talked Smack Masterclass

"White Men Can't Jump," released in 1992, is a basketball comedy directed by Ron Shelton.

The movie is not about the NBA, but it features a mention of Michael Jordan in a somewhat disparaging manner.

The film has gained a significant reputation over the past three decades and is considered a classic.

It is loved by basketball fans and appreciated for its portrayal of streetball.

A remake of the movie, starring Sinqua Walls and rapper Jack Harlow, is set to be released on Hulu.

The original film captures the time and place of Venice Beach streetball, showcasing a local's perspective.

Streetball is depicted as a vibrant part of everyday life, distinct from the professional basketball world.

The protagonist, Billy Hoyle, is a white player who hustles Black streetball players, challenging stereotypes.

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