Which Memorial Day weekend driving hours are greatest and worst?

Which Memorial Day weekend driving hours are greatest and worst?

High Traffic Volume: Memorial Day weekend experiences heavy traffic throughout, making it one of the busiest periods for travel on the roads.

Peak Hours: The greatest driving hours during Memorial Day weekend are typically on Friday afternoon and evening, as many people leave work early to begin their weekend trips.

Morning Rush: Saturday morning can also be busy as people start their journeys or run errands, but it is generally less congested compared to Friday evening.

Late Mornings and Early Afternoons: The driving hours around late morning and early afternoon on Saturday and Sunday are usually more favorable, with fewer cars on the road compared to peak hours.

Midday Departures: If you plan to start your journey on Monday, it's advisable to leave early in the morning to avoid the increased traffic as people return from their weekend getaways.

Late Afternoon Return: The worst driving hours during Memorial Day weekend occur on Monday afternoon and evening as people head back home, resulting in congested roads and delays.

Construction Zones: It's important to note that some areas might have ongoing construction projects during Memorial Day weekend, which can contribute to traffic congestion and slower driving conditions.

Rest Stops and Service Areas: During peak driving hours, rest stops and service areas along major highways can become crowded, especially near popular tourist destinations.

Scenic Routes: If you plan to take scenic routes during Memorial Day weekend, be prepared for additional traffic, as many people seek picturesque drives and outdoor adventures.

Plan Ahead: To mitigate the impact of heavy traffic, plan your travel in advance, consider alternative routes, and use navigation apps to stay updated on real-time traffic conditions.

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