What to Skip for Breakfast if You Want to Lose Weight

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While bacon may not be the worst thing ever, there are certainly better options for breakfast than it is if you're trying to cut down on carbs.

One of the worst breakfast items if you're trying to lose weight is commercially produced cereal. They include a lot of extra sugar.

Orange juice causes most of our sugar intake. This drink has no nutrition despite being derived from a nutritious fruit.

Because of the processing, it removes many of the essential elements, making it a poor choice for breakfast. 

A bagel and cream cheese on the go is not a fulfilling breakfast. This high-calorie breakfast of simple carbohydrates won't fill you up till midday.

Unless you buy prepackaged, a bowl of oats is a high-fiber breakfast. Pre-mixed packets may have too much sugar and not enough fiber. 

If you want fruit-flavored porridge, use standard oatmeal with freshly sliced fruit instead of a packet. You'll get fiber and fruit from this.

Adding sugar and syrups to yogurt negates its health benefits. Plain yogurt with fresh or frozen fruit is best for weight loss. 

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