What Nutritionists Say Happens to Your Body When You Cut Out Sugar


Health benefits

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Reduce heart disease risk

Delk said high-sugar diets can raise inflammation and strain the cardiovascular system.

Reduce diabetes risk

Delk adds that avoiding sugar lessens the risk of metabolic diseases like diabetes.

Enhance liver health

Experts claim reducing additional sugar will also help your liver. Your liver metabolizes sugar and carbs into fat like alcohol.

Fewer cavities

Eliminating sugar will also improve your oral health. To digest sugar, dangerous bacteria cover your teeth with plaque.

You'll lose weight

Experts suggest decreasing sugar to manage weight since high-sugar diets are connected to obesity and overweight. 

Mood may improve

Studies have also connected a high-sugar diet to mood problems including despair and anxiety

Adverse reactions may arise

Delk noted that many people experience sugar withdrawal symptoms when they cut back on sugar.

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