What is human metapneumovirus? 

This winter, Americans focused on influenza and RSV, but they may have overlooked hMPV.

Last week, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported a rise in hMPV infections across this winter and spring, which experts think may be linked to the public's greater ability to test for viruses.

“There’s a much greater attention to identifying the cause of (infections) than we’ve ever had,” said Boston Children’s Hospital infectious disease expert Dr. Rick Malley.

The COVID-19 epidemic prompted such focus.

"The importance of other viruses and the diseases they cause has come to the floor," he added.

This season's unnoticed respiratory virus's symptoms, transmission, and therapy are here.

The CDC reports that hMPV infects the upper and lower respiratory tract. The organization warns that small children, elderly individuals, and those with compromised immune systems are most at danger.

The American Lung Association says hMPV causes mild cold-like symptoms. Healthy people recover in two to five days.

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