What Does Your Eye Colour Say About Your Personality?

What Does Your Eye Colour Say About Your Personality?

Dark brown/black

Pure black eyes are rarest. Mostly dark brown. People think you're a natural leader. You're enigmatic and wise. You drink less since you have more melanin due to your dark eyes. You're reliable and secretive. You're enthusiastic, optimistic, and hardworking. Tennis may also improve.

Light-medium brown

You're kind, easygoing, and fun. You're polite and independent. Like brown, you're grounded and unconcerned about material things. You would help the needy. Though self-confident, you struggle to express yourself. You're a reliable lover/partner.


You're lovely and brown-grey. You're cheerful and adventurous. You adapt well, but monotony bores you. You're brave and adventurous. You're sensual and mischievous.


You appear strong but are kind and knowledgeable. You're serious about job, love, and life. You're either well-balanced or two-faced if you have dark grey eyes. If it's light grey, you may need to express yourself more and be less vigilant.


You're brown-blue, strong but cautious. You exude intrigue and freshness. You're smart, curious, and driven. Compassion, vitality, and vigor make you attractive to most people.


People misinterpret your underlying strength and poise. You appear timid or egotistical, yet you're neither. You express little. Peaceful, educated, caring, and young and vibrant—that's you. You have long-lasting connections and one of the most desired eye colors. You have excellent concentration and strategy.

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