Weight Loss: 7 Tasty, Healthy Lunch Recipes

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These 30-minute fajitas make a delicious lunch. We love this dish because you can customize the protein, vegetables, and toppings.

Chipotle Chicken Fajita

Order extra takeaway rice for this wonderful DIY fried rice recipe. It's great as is, but it's also great for changing up meals.

Vegetable Fried Rice

This high-protein meal preps in 15 minutes and lasts all week. Some salads go mushy.

Crunchy Turkey Salad

This weeknight salad is protein-packed and easy to make with greens, beans, cucumbers, red peppers, and spicy shrimp.

Southwestern Chopped Salad

Swap pork for tofu, chicken, or beef for a flexible meat combination that tastes fantastic on practically everything.

Vietnamese Lettuce Wrap

When you want something fresh but don't want to cook, this salad is great to have on hand.

Wild Salmon Salad

We can't get enough of these easy wraps since they contain our two favorite foods: buffalo chicken and blue cheese.

Buffalo Chicken Wraps

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