Tom Holland is no longer associated with Marvel.

Tom Holland is no longer affiliated with Marvel Entertainment.

Move over, Spider-Man, because Kamala Khan (or Ms. Marvel, if you're cruel) is a fresh, wide-eyed kid confronting the Marvel Cinematic Universe's seasoned warriors

Screen Rant says Marvel needs fresh actors to play Peter Parker now that Spider-Man: No Way Home has matured him. Iman Vellani's Kamala appears now.

We don't think Spider-Man will quit the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), but his role has changed.

 Captain America: Civil War introduced Marvel fans to Spider-Man and Tom Holland, a new superhero. In Civil War's airport combat scene, Peter Parker spent more time admiring everyone else's abilities and outfits than fighting.

Peter Parker matured during three solo films and two Avengers adventures. After No Way Home, he was no longer star-struck, leaving a space in the Marvel Cinematic Universe for Kamala Kahn to fill.

The teenage web-slinger was a proxy for the audience and provided hilarious relief with his never-ending one-liners. 

The audience viewed the movie as Peter Parker. He calls the Avengers' superhuman identities their "made-up names" because he thinks an ordinary person would.

Kamala Khan is now doing Peter's job, maybe better. Kamala goes beyond Peter Parker's dorky love of the Avengers.

Kamala Khan attends AvengerCon, a fictional ComicCon like the ones Marvel fans attend, in Disney Ms. Marvel.