Tom Holland is no longer affiliated with Marvel Entertainment.

Tom Holland is no longer affiliated with Marvel Entertainment.

Move over, Spider-Man—Kamala Khan (or Ms. Marvel, if you're being harsh) is the young, fresh, wide-eyed adolescent fighting the Marvel Cinematic Universe's grizzled veterans. Spider-Man, step aside. 

Screen Rant reports that Marvel wants a new actor to play Peter Parker now that Spider-Man: No Way Home has matured him. Spider-Man: No Way Home has matured Peter Parker. Iman Vellani joins the tale as Kamala.

Spider-Man may never leave the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), but his role has changed. We believe he will never leave the MCU. Captain America: Civil War introduced Marvel fans to Spider-Man and Tom Holland.

 Spider-Man, aka Tom Holland, is new to superheroes. Civil War's airport action scene had Peter Parker battling less. Instead, he marveled at everyone's amazing skills and clothing.

Three solo movies and two more Avengers adventures shaped Peter Parker. After No Way Home, he was no longer a star-struck child, leaving a void in the Marvel Cinematic Universe that Kamala Kahn must fill.

The young web-slinger's never-ending one-liners provided comic relief, but he also represented the viewers. The teen web-slinger represented the audience. Peter Parker, who represented the audience, viewed the film. He calls these identities the Avengers' "made-up names" because he thinks an ordinary person would.

Kamala Khan now handles such duties, and she may be even better than Peter. Peter Parker embodied our nerdy delight in watching the Avengers, but Kamala goes farther. Kamala Khan attends AvengerCon, a fictional ComicCon like the ones Marvel fans attend, in Disney Ms. Marvel. Thus, AvengerCon simulates ComicCon.

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