Tom Dwan Wins Biggest Live-Stream Poker Pot Ever

Tom Dwan won the biggest live-stream poker pot of $3,081,000 million on the last day of the Hustler Casino Live $1 million buy-in event.

The greatest hand of the night was six hours into Tuesday's webcast, which had over 50,000 concurrent spectators. 

The HCL Twitter page didn't exaggerate when they called it the "break the internet" hand.

"durrrr" won a large pot earlier in the program against Doug Polk, who lost a $1.1 million river bluff. 

Dwan tank-called the turn and river with a monster hand, prompting some to assume he slow-rolled his opponent.

It was amusing, although Dwan's subsequent hand was better.

The fourth and final $1 million Hustler Casino Live game included some wicked bluffs.

Some made it. "LSG Hank" bet over $900,000 on the river with ace-high and forced Polk off pocket aces.

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