This Is the Best Carb To Eat If You Want To Lose Belly Fat

This Is the Best Carb To Eat If You Want To Lose Belly Fat

Carbs have long been stigmatized as the "enemy" of effective weight loss. Although eating a lot of candies and bagels is definitely not going to help you lose weight or belly fat, carbs are necessary for our bodies to operate. They may even assist you in reducing abdominal fat in some circumstances.

Not simply because it's a pain to deal with, abdominal fat has to be lost. Type 2 diabetes, metabolic, and cardiovascular problems are all associated with excess abdominal fat.  In light of this, we asked registered dietitians if they suggested carbohydrates for losing abdominal fat, and they said yes.

The Best Carb To Eat If You Want To Lose Belly Fat

If you frequently eat oatmeal for breakfast, good news: you may want to increase your intake of this carb-heavy food if it helps you reduce belly fat.

oatmeal has so much fiber that it keeps us satisfied and keeps us from overeating. "The fiber also aids in slowing carbohydrate digestion to prevent a sharp rise in blood sugar levels."

Dyer also suggests bananas and quinoa as additional carbohydrates you should consume daily (or most days) if you want to reduce abdominal fat. Fruit naturally includes sugar, but the quantity of fiber and vitamins it contains more than makes up for it. 

According to Edibel Quintero, a registered dietitian with HealthInsider, quinoa is unique from other grains in that it is a complete protein since it includes all the necessary amino acids. "Quinoa's high protein content helps you lose belly fat because it makes you feel fuller for longer and reduces hunger."

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