This 10-Minute Yoga Routine Can Change Your Life

This 10-Minute Yoga Routine Can Change Your Life

Need some more energy? We offer a 10-minute yoga routine that might help you to center yourself and balance your body. Neither specialized exercise equipment nor a studio is required.

These beginner-friendly yoga positions can be practiced anywhere, even in between appointments. They will improve your strength, flexibility, and balance so you can go to work every day feeling energised.

Kneel, then spread your legs so that your big toes meet. Take a step forward with your hands until your forehand is gently resting on the ground. As you put aside distractions and concentrate on your yoga practice, take a few deep, steady breaths.

Child’s Pose

With your shoulders stacked over your wrists and your hips stacked over your knees, rise from child's pose to the top of the table. Equally distribute your weight between your hands and knees, let your feet hang loose, contract your abdominals, and stretch your spine. In between your hands, your gaze is downward.


The middle of your back should appear to be being pulled to the ceiling as you circle your upper back by pressing into your hands. Lower your head, lower your chin into your chest, and clutch your stomach to your spine.

Cat Pose

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