The Rock Builds Arm Strength and Size With This 'Burning' Bicep Finisher

The Rock Builds Arm Strength and Size With This 'Burning' Bicep Finisher

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson possesses two of the biggest biceps in the entertainment industry, it can be said. The actor added additional muscular mass last year for his role in Black Adam, and in a recent Instagram video, he showed off one of the challenging arm-day finishers he employs to develop those chiseled biceps.

To hammer curls, Zottman curls. The two-part motion of the Zottman curl targets and strengthens both the bicep and the forearm, whereas hammer curls are an excellent approach to increase the size of your biceps. Additionally, you can use it to exercise your grip power concurrently.

He described the exercise on Instagram as "Burning DB bicep curl finisher," adding that he does four sets till failure. "Slow and in charge at all times. There were numerous supinate, pronate, and neutral grips used during the time. "This burns like an MF," he continued. "Try it out." Get a strong week's end."

With this much emphasis on the wrists and forearms, it is best to lift lighter weights than on a typical bicep curl. Johnson is only using a pair of 30-pound dumbbells in this exercise, but it is important to note that it is still quite heavy for a Zottman curl.

The Zottman begins as a fairly common lift: squeeze the biceps to raise the dumbbell. Aim for a two-count here to concentrate on the eccentric contraction, and carefully rotate your wrists to twist the weights forward at the top of the exercise before slowly lowering them.

You're probably more accustomed to the hammer curl, which is a little easier and a standard arm day exercise. However, to get the most out of those "burning" repetitions, make sure to tighten your entire body, not just your arms; maintain a tight grip on the dumbbells; and squeeze your biceps at the end of each repetition.

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