The Only 7 Belly Fat Exercises Worth Doing at the Gym

The Only 7 Belly Fat Exercises Worth Doing at the Gym

Swinging a kettlebell is a powerful exercise that works up your entire body while also working your heart hard. Consider using kettlebell swings as your go-to exercise if you want to lose belly fat and increase your general strength.

1. Kettlebell Swings

An excellent tool for both cardio and strength training is a rowing machine. You may burn calories, raise your cardiovascular fitness, and tone your abs by including rowing in your workout.

2. Rowing Machine

Sprinting efficiently reduces abdominal fat and revs up your metabolism (particularly when done on an uphill). In addition, incline running puts your cardiovascular system to the test while working your lower body and core. As your fitness level rises, start with shorter sprints and eventually lengthen them and intensify them. To prevent injury, warm up appropriately and keep good form during the workout.

3. Incline Sprints

The assault bike offers an excellent all-around workout that targets stubborn belly fat and burns calories. This is so that your core muscles are worked while also creating a strong cardiovascular challenge from the arm and leg motions.

4. Assault Bike

While not everyone enjoys burpees, this vigorous, all-body workout can reduce belly fat and enhance general conditioning. Burpees can improve body composition, strengthen bones, and boost speed, strength, and power, according to study.

5. Burpees

According to MasterClass, the box jump is a powerful plyometric exercise that recruits your lower body's glutes, hamstrings, calves, and quadriceps muscles. This exercise targets abdominal fat while burning calories and enhancing strength, power, and agility. Start with a shorter box height and raise it progressively as your stamina and self-assurance grow.

6. Box Jumps

According to, wall balls are an excellent full-body exercise that combines strength, cardio, and coordination. Your legs, core, and upper body will all be worked out by using a medicine ball and completing squats while throwing the ball against a wall.

7. Wall Balls

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