The Gorilla Row Exercise Works Your Upper Body & Core At Once

The Gorilla Row Exercise Works Your Upper Body & Core At Once

Row variants enhance upper body workouts. They're a wonderful variety from flys, curls, and presses for arm, shoulder, and back strength. On TikTok, gorilla rows have almost 2.1 million views. This upper-body activity also works your abs. Its funny name is a bonus.

Gorilla rows involve lifting weights with one arm while squatting like a gorilla. “It’s a variation of a bent-over row that works the back muscles,” says NASM-certified personal trainer Rose McNulty. She told Bustle that the workout targets the middle and upper back latissimus dorsi, trapezius, and rear deltoids. Biceps work when you imitate King Kong.

McNulty says gorilla rows work the core because the posture you maintain demands general core strength and stability. Even better, a stronger core improves posture and stability. She thinks this is especially crucial for desk workers who may hunch over all day.

How To Do A Gorilla Row

McNulty demonstrates proper gorilla row form here. Put two kettlebells or dumbbells on the floor shoulder-width apart or slightly narrower. Toes pointed outward, stand outside the weights. Gentle knee bend and hip hinge.

Keep your torso straight and lower until you can grab each weight with your arms extended. Keep your palms together. Row a weight straight up with your core. Press your opposing hand into the floor weight. Squeeze your shoulders when rowing.

Always stand upright. Slowly lower the weight to the floor when it reaches chest-height. Continue alternating. Lift a weight 6–12 times per side. 3–6 sets.

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