The 2023 Starbucks Tumbler That Matches Your Fave Taylor Swift Era

The 2023 Starbucks Tumbler That Matches Your Fave Taylor Swift Era

Swift's eras are colored by album art. Taylor Swift, Swift's debut album, fits Starbucks' summer Technicolor Paint Cold Cup with its blue and green hues. Swift's "Teardrops On My Guitar" outfit resembles the 24-ounce colorful cup. Drink sweet tea from this cup while riding shotgun with your hair undone.

Taylor Swift Era — Technicolor Paint Cold Cup ($30)

This 24-ounce color-changing cup pack is perfect for listening to "Fifteen" with your Taylor's Abigail. Swift's second album, Fearless, was full with romantic fantasies. These colorful mugs match those innocent thoughts. With a cup for each friend, have the best day.

Fearless Era — Mystery Color Changing Cold Cup Pack ($23)

Taylor's Version is coming, Swifties. Swift penned the entire album, making it her most honest and empowering. Speak Now has a violet color scheme, but this 18-ounce gradient bubblegum pink cup fits the flirtatious, innocent sentiments of songs like "Mine" and "Sparks Fly." If you drink iced lattes year-round, this cup will keep you hydrated throughout Speak Now summer and into December.

Speak Now Era — Bubblegum Pink Gradient Glass Cold Cup ($20)

Red was Swift's most iconic period since she fully shifted from country to pop. Starbucks' 24-ounce Stainless Steel Petunia Cold Cup fits this colorful, breakthrough period. As you start each day, enjoy Swift's Grande Caramel Nonfat Latte.

Red Era — Stainless Steel Petunia Cold Cup ($30)

1989 is Swift's "it girl." Squad goals, red lips, and bouncing back. Starbucks' 20-ounce Ocean Breeze Water Bottle is essential for staying hydrated when in the spotlight. It has a timeless 1989 pastel blue color scheme. Carry it through New York or out of the woods after camping. Clean water awaits you.

1989 Era — Ocean Breeze Water Bottle ($28)

Rep stans know that reputation isn't as dark as it seems. Swifties consider notoriety more romantic than Lover. “Gorgeous,” “End Game,” and “Call It What You Want” show Swift's obsession with ex Joe Alwyn.

Reputation Era — Color Changing Confetti Cold Cup ($5)

Starbucks' summer Barbiecore 24-ounce cup is Lover-era. As vivid as the "ME!" and "You Need To Calm Down" music videos, it's wonderful to have a drink in hand when you go to the pool or run errands with your closest friend. To match your cup, try a Starbucks Pink Drink.

Lover Era — Bubblegum Pink Striped Cold Cup ($20)

This 24-ounce silver-iridescent Starbucks cup is the most folklore-like. Like a mirrorball, it shines for you. Imagine being cozy and cottagecore with an iced chai and your favorite cardigan. The Long Pond Studio sessions are represented with a matching keychain.

Folklore Era — Iridescent Bling Cold Cup ($23)

Eras Tour revitalized evermore. Though less popular than 1989 or Red, its devotees are diehard and have great taste. That taste requires a beautiful cup. The collection's 12-ounce pink tumbler works for any occasion. It's the season for Starbucks on-the-go, whether you're resting on a bench at Coney Island or drinking away your champagne issues.

Evermore Era — Cotton Candy Pink Luster Tumbler ($20)

Swift has shone in the Midnights. This Starbucks 24-ounce navy blue tumbler will keep you hydrated and sparkling. The twist-to-seal straw lid lets you carry this cup. If you find last-minute Eras Tour tickets or are up to vigilante sh*t, just throw your Starbucks cup in your bag and go.

Midnights Era — Navy Blue Twist-to-Seal Straw Lid Cold Cup ($30)

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