Texas lawmakers impeach AG Ken Paxton with 20 articles

Texas lawmakers impeach AG Ken Paxton with 20 articles

After years of controversy, criminal charges, and corruption claims that the Republican majority had mostly ignored, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton teetered on impeachment Thursday.

A Republican-led House investigative committee that spent months discreetly investigating Paxton unanimously recommended impeaching the state's top lawyer on 20 articles, including bribery, unfitness for office, and abuse of public trust. 

The House may vote on the suggestion Friday. If impeached, Paxton would resign immediately.

One of the GOP's most famous legal opponents, who requested the U.S. Supreme Court to overturn President Joe Biden's win in 2020, might fall suddenly. Texas has impeached two politicians in almost 200 years.

Paxton is under FBI investigation for allegedly helping a contributor. In 2015, he was charged for securities fraud but has not been tried.

Paxton accused Dade Phelan, the House's "liberal" Republican speaker, of launching the five-member committee's probe on Tuesday.

He accused Phelan of being inebriated during a long session last Friday and demanded his resignation. Phelan's office dismissed Paxton's "save face" claim.

“It's a sad day for Texas as we witness the corrupt political establishment unite in this illegitimate attempt to overthrow the will of the people and disenfranchise the voters of our state,” Paxton said Thursday, calling the committee's findings “hearsay and gossip, parroting long-disproven claims.”

Paxton claimed, “The RINOs in the Texas Legislature are now on the same side as Joe Biden” by opposing him.

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