Suns discuss Kevin Durant after losing to Nuggets.

Suns discuss Kevin Durant after losing to Nuggets.

Kevin Durant was sidelined for three weeks with a left ankle sprain, missing 10 games and disrupting the Suns' momentum and chemistry.

The Suns entered the postseason as a fourth seed with Durant playing only eight games with the team.

Despite the lack of time together, the Suns refuse to use it as an excuse for their performance.

The Suns made multiple trades before the deadline, bringing in new players and removing others.

The limited time between Durant's return and the start of the playoffs made it challenging to establish roles and rotations.

The Suns defeated the short-handed Clippers but struggled against the No. 1 seeded Nuggets and were eliminated in six games

Denver's dominance and Nikola Jokic's performance played a significant role in their victory.

The Suns acknowledge Denver's superiority and give credit to their staff.

The offseason will likely bring changes to the Suns' roster.

The focus is on improving for the next season and overcoming the challenges faced this year.

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