Study Finds Best Hydration Drink (Not Water)

Milk hydrates better than water. Study found milk to be a better rehydration option for youngsters than water or sports drinks.

Why does milk hydrate? The researchers cited the beverage's high protein, calcium, carbohydrates, and electrolytes.

Clinical nutritionist told Real Simple that milk's electrolytes restore the body after sweating. Its high water content, too. 

"Milk is about 90% water, meaning it can be an excellent means of hydration, particularly during summertime where people are more at risk for dehydration,"

Due to its high nutritional content, milk takes longer to break down, so the body keeps onto it for longer. 

Is there a balance? Milk hydrates, but can we drink too much? Milk cannot replace water. After a hard exercise, try milk.

Real Simple specialists say it may help muscle recuperation. Overall, milk may supplement your H2O consumption, but it shouldn't replace it.

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