Street Fighter 6 Launch and Installation Dates

Gamer fists will soon speak again. We think we know when Street Fighter 6 from Capcom will be released.

Capcom debuted a Street Fighter 6 trailer at The Game Awards 2022. The announcement revealed numerous characters and confirmed Street Fighter 6's June 2, 2023 release date. 

 Capcom hasn't announced the fighter's release date, but it's sticking to this plan.

Capcom usually follows their Resident Evil 4 Remake release timetable. Thus, Street Fighter 6 will release worldwide at midnight local time.

Street Fighter 6 will premiere at 12 am PST, CT, ET, BST, etc. At that moment, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC will support the game. 

If the release timetable holds, gamers can employ the New Zealand Time Zone Trick to start playing a few hours early.

As usual, Street Fighter 6's digital release timetable applies solely. If you pre-ordered a physical copy, you must wait until June 2 for stores to open or for the mail to arrive.

 If you acquired a copy from a shipping retailer like Amazon, you will also need to pray to the mail delivery gods that your game arrives safely and on time.

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