Stopping Sugar: What Happens to Your Body? Nutritionist Explains

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Desserts and morning tea include sugar. For some dishes. Sugar causes diabetes, obesity, and tooth decay. 

Sugar can cause high blood pressure, heart disease, and liver illness. This is why many of us limit or avoid sugar. 

Nmami Agarwal addresses sugar's risks. She thinks 14 days without sweets may seem impossible but yield amazing effects.

The nutritionist thinks sugar makes blood sugar regulation worse. She thinks this promotes energy and lowers inflammation.

Sugar avoidance improves digestion and skin. The dietitian says that cutting sugar might help you lose weight as your body adjusts.

The dietician explains how food controls blood sugar. She says elevated blood sugar causes frequent urination, thirst, and unhealed wounds.

She said that veggies, roti, and dal contain sugar, too. Thus, eating well regulates blood sugar and keeps you healthy. 

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