Starbucks Is Quietly Making A Major Change To Some Of Its Most Popular Drinks

Starbucks Is Quietly Making A Major Change To Some Of Its Most Popular Drinks

Starbucks is gradually implementing a change that can directly impact many of its well-liked iced coffees and other cold drinks. 

The ice is being altered.   Currently, the business uses ice cubes in a more conventional shape. However, a number of claims on Reddit, which the company has now confirmed to numerous media sources, claim that they would be moving to "nugget" or "pellet" ice, a type of ice that has gained popularity in recent years for its chewiness. 

Since the fast-food restaurant chain has been one of the most notable sources, this ice is commonly referred to as "Sonic ice," and many locations even sell bags of the ice alone. 

According to a Starbucks representative, the machines will debut "in select stores" this year, but it will be several years before they are available elsewhere. 

An image from what looked to be a Starbucks internal website was posted on TikTok by a person who claimed that the new machines will use less water than the company's present procedures. 

That is consistent with the company's earlier this year declared pledge to reduce its water and waste footprints by half by 2030.

The machines, according to the TikTok image, would be made by Follett. The company claims online that its "softer, chewable texture is craved by customers" and that the nuggets absorb the flavor of the beverage, "leaving a flavorful crunchy treat after the drink is gone."

According to People, Starbucks claims that feedback from tests has shown that nugget ice doesn't melt any faster than its current ice and that customer reaction has been "resoundingly positive." 

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