Skyscrapers Sinking New York

Skyscrapers Sinking New York

A new research claims skyscrapers are sinking New York. New York is subsiding due to the weight of its skyscrapers, according to the study. The New York Post said that over 1 million New York structures weigh roughly 1.7 trillion pounds. USGS and URI geologists conducted the study.

Researchers observed the city dropping 1-2 centimetres every year. They compared the city's footprint to its geology.

The researchers added that Lower Manhattan is subsiding quicker. Brooklyn and Queens also worry.

"New York confronts severe flood danger; sea level rise is 3 to 4 times greater than the world average along the Atlantic coast of North America... "

A deeply concentrated population of 8.4 million people faces varying degrees of hazard from inundation in New York City," senior researcher and geologist Tom Parsons of the USGS stated in the new paper.

Mr. Parsons expects the results will spur mitigating initiatives to address increasing flood danger and sea levels.

"The point of the paper is to raise awareness that every additional high-rise building constructed at coastal, river, or lakefront settings could contribute to future flood risk," he stated in the study.

Science Alert said that the researchers computed the combined mass of more than 1 million structures in New York City, which was 764,000,000,000 kilograms or 1.68 trillion pounds.

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