Simple Water Hack Might Be the Key to Finally Losing Weight

Simple Water Hack Might Be the Key to Finally Losing Weight

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Are you attempting to shed a few pounds in preparation for the summer? It's not just you on this adventure. There are a ton of recommendations available online for individuals like you, some of which are helpful and others which are not. Always put your trust in those who have experienced it first!

Carmen Batres (@calibabyoficial) also made an effort to slim down, and she ultimately shed 54 pounds. Incredible! She now offers her top weight-loss advice and explains how it made her feel her best. Carmen drinks a lot of water every day, like we all should, but she also adds some unique additives to make it more enjoyable and healthy.

She begins by adding a pinch each of salt and baking soda to her 64-ounce bottle of water. If you want extra flavor, she also suggests adding some electrolyte packs! And that's not the last action. For added flavor and to aid in digestion, she often adds cucumber and lemon slices to her water. 

You might be wondering why she included sea salt and baking soda. This is why. 

A tablespoon of baking soda per cup of water can have numerous advantages, including enhancing digestion, minimizing bloating, and even preventing acid reflux.

Similar potential advantages, such as electrolyte balance, skin health, and bone health, can be obtained from adding sea salt to your water. You don't need to add a lot of these components, as Carmen has said. You added too much if you can taste them.

These are some incredibly quick and easy strategies to improve your health as well as urge you to drink more water, which will ultimately help you lose weight by keeping you satisfied and hydrated. 

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