Simple Water Hack Might Be the Key to Finally Losing Weight

Simple Water Hack Might Be the Key to Finally Losing Weight

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Want to reduce weight for summer? This path is shared. There are millions of internet advice for folks like you, some excellent, some bad. Trust those who've been there!

Carmen Batres (@calibabyoficial) lost 54 pounds while dieting. Incredible! She discusses her favourite weight-loss trick and how it made her feel great.

Carmen drinks plenty of water every day, like we should, but she adds exciting and healthy additions.

Her 64-ounce water jug gets a sprinkle of salt and baking soda first. For taste, she recommends electrolyte packets! The process continues.

Lemon and cucumber slices taste and aid digestion in her drink. 

A tablespoon of baking soda in a cup of water may help digestion, reduce bloating, and even fight acid reflux. Sea salt in water may also improve electrolyte balance, skin, and bone health. Carmen says you don't need much of these items! Adding too much makes them taste.

These easy strategies to improve your health and drink more water can help you lose weight by keeping you satisfied and hydrated. 

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