Robert De Niro Discusses Baby's 'Excitement'

Robert De Niro Discusses Baby's 'Excitement'

In a recent interview, Robert De Niro surprised supporters by announcing the birth of his seventh child.

Promoting "About My Father," the actor discussed parenting.

De Niro said fatherhood is a combination of obligation, love, and anxiety.

De Niro stated he expected to become a parent again later in life.

De Niro corrected a reporter who stated he had "six" kids, saying he had seven. This revealed the hidden baby.

De Niro has been connected to Tiffany Chen, but the baby and mother were not revealed.

De Niro has a daughter he adopted, a son from a previous marriage, twin boys with ex-girlfriend Toukie Smith, a son with Grace Hightower, and a surrogate daughter.

De Niro told his 11-year-old daughter he loved her and hinted at more with the new kid. The actor's agency acknowledged the news but didn't elaborate. When this baby arrives, De Niro has six kids.

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