Review: Jennifer Lopez channels Liam Neeson in revenge thriller "The Mother." 

In "The Mother," a revenge thriller, Jennifer Lopez portrays a traditional ...

..."hero with no name" type as an underground assassin who has had military training.  

The extremely pregnant lead character grudgingly assists the FBI in a mission that goes catastrophically wrong in the first scene of the film. 

The government convinces her to give the child up for adoption and flee when she gives birth prematurely. 

But 12 years later, the Mother learns from a dependable FBI source (Omari Hardwick) that Zoe (Lucy Paez),  

one of her bitterest adversaries, is being pursued by a vicious ex-boss (Joseph Fiennes) and a cruel gun runner (Gael Garcia Bernal). 

Although "The Mother" is ostensibly an action film, Lopez (who is also a producer on this project) and  ...

...director Niki Caro manage to intersperse lots of tender moments between mothers in the story by Misha Green,