Quietest Dog Breeds that make Peaceful Companions


This devoted breed, known as the silent hunter, may be quiet when it comes to nuisance barking, but these natural guard dogs will sound the alarm if necessary.

French bulldog

The French Bulldog is playful, bright, and friendly, yet he usually just barks to let you know someone is there.

Great Dane

These noble and amiable dogs will bark to protect their territory, but they prefer to sit calmly with their family.

Cane Corso

The aggressive Cane Corso is smart and trainable. However, this feisty breed needs a leader.


Despite their noisy breathing, Pugs seldom bark, instead yipping when aroused. This human-obsessed species snores and is cuddly and eccentric.

Saint Bernard

Charming, polite, and with saintly tolerance! These gentle giants adore lounging with their families and are strong and robust.

Shiba Inu

While alert, this dog only barks when required, preferring concise communication over constant yapping. 

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