Parkinson's'made me present in every minute of my life,' says Michael J. Fox.

Parkinson's'made me present in every minute of my life,' says Michael J. Fox.

"Still: A Michael J. Fox Movie" is a film that portrays the life of Michael J. Fox, a talented actor and performer who is battling Parkinson's disease.

The film captures intimate moments of Fox's life, including his struggles with walking due to the effects of Parkinson's, portrayed by his energetic yet unpredictable gait.

An aide and movement coach accompanies Fox, reminding him to slow down and reset before each step, highlighting the challenges he faces on a daily basis.

The film incorporates re-enacted footage and clips from Fox's extensive body of work to recreate significant moments in his life, starting with the realization of a tremor in his pinkie finger in 1990.

Despite his success in Hollywood, Fox shares his experience of fear and professional insecurity when confronted with the symptoms of Parkinson's disease.

"Still" manages to depict Fox's life with Parkinson's without evoking pity or martyrdom, presenting an honest portrayal of his struggles and achievements.

The film provides a glimpse into Fox's early career, including his move from Canada to Los Angeles, his role in the popular sitcom "Family Ties," and his breakthrough in the film "Back to the Future."

The most impactful moments of the film occur when Fox directly addresses the audience, sharing personal anecdotes and connecting with viewers on an emotional level.

Viewers witness Fox's determination as he works with a speech therapist, narrates his books, and confronts the challenges of his condition, such as difficulty with everyday tasks like toothbrushing.

Fox discusses his coping mechanisms, including immersing himself in work and struggling with sobriety, while acknowledging the support of his wife, Tracy Pollan. He emphasizes his intention to live independently and face the realities of his condition while appreciating the newfound perspective it has given him.

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