Oval Office Biden applauds debt ceiling "crisis averted"

On Friday, U.S. President Joe Biden called a "crisis averted" after a plan to postpone the debt ceiling passed.

Biden urged Americans to unite, citing his deal with senior Congress Republican Kevin McCarthy.

"No matter how tough our politics gets, we need to see each other not as adversaries but as fellow Americans," he added. "Stop shouting, lower the temperature and work together to pursue progress."

Biden, a Democrat, said he would sign the package into law on Saturday, ending months of uncertainty and preventing a first-ever U.S. default on June 5.

It was crucial to strike an agreement, and it's great news for Americans. Nobody received their wish.

"But the American people got what they needed," Biden remarked while sitting at the presidential office's iconic "Resolute Desk."

"We averted an economic crisis, an economic collapse," he remarked.

This week, the Senate and House enacted a bill suspending the $31.4 trillion debt ceiling after tense discussions.

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