Oppenheimer's video shows the Doomsday Clock ticking.

Oppenheimer's video shows the Doomsday Clock ticking.

In Christopher Nolan's "Oppenheimer," Manhattan Project specialists understood the atomic bomb might ignite Earth's atmosphere.

J. Robert Oppenheimer, the leader of the Los Alamos Laboratory and a theoretical physicist, contends with the morality of building the atomic bomb in the movie trailer.

The Manhattan Project was crucial because Nazi Germany was already building an atomic weapon.

Oppenheimer, his wife Kitty, and Lieutenant General Leslie Richard Groves realize how much time they had, therefore they hired specialists without revealing them anything about the project.

The footage demonstrates that Oppenheimer understood a lot about what the bomb might accomplish and was both optimistic and scared.

Beautiful booms and a Geiger detector make the clip frightening and scary.

The video hints at the project's scientists' moral dilemmas, showing their morality.

The movie contrasts scientific development with the atomic bomb's potential devastation.

"Oppenheimer" seeks to make you think about the people and circumstances that led to the atomic bomb. It shows both the remarkable scientific achievements and their moral issues.

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