Starbucks reveals change to its ice — and fans are heated: ‘Hate that’

Starbucks reveals change to its ice — and fans are heated: ‘Hate that’

Oh no, hail. The Post is able to confirm that the well-known coffee shop company Starbucks is changing its ice, going from the traditional cube to the nugget in some locations.

"As we continue to innovate and make investments in the Starbucks Experience for our partners (baristas) and customers, we are introducing new machines that make nugget ice to select stores this year," a Starbucks representative said in a statement to The Post on Wednesday.

According to the announcement, "Like many of our recent investments, this machine allows partners to focus on delivering the Starbucks Experience while hand-crafting the same delicious, high-quality iced beverages our customers have come to expect from Starbucks."

Similar to smashed ice, nugget ice is notably smaller and denser than cubes; consider the iced drinks at Sonic. "Nugget" ice will be used in some places. A few days ago, the ice story gathered momentum after a Reddit thread created by a purported Starbucks employee went viral.

An image of the magnificent pebble ice was shared online by an unnamed employee who said it was "1 of 3 cafe stores testing the new ice." The scoop triggered a fierce argument over whether cubes or nuggets of ice were preferable.

The recipes aren't designed for this kind of ice because it melts much more quickly and dilutes the coffee and sweetness, one Redditor said. The frappuccinos' texture will presumably alter significantly as well.

One more chimed in, "Nooo, I think the ice you guys have right now is so perfect," in agreement. The coffee is so great that I ask for extra ice to make it even more convenient to drink. I believe that this kind of ice is more suited for sodas or just plain ice water. 

Another screamed, "I detest that kind of ice!" It melts [too] quickly, and the ice is not clear. I'll fetch doggy ice from my refrigerator at home if I need it. One customer said, "I'm scared...I order extra ice in my latte." "I adore the ratio I currently receive. I'm so scared of change, lol.

Starbucks is giving priority in its rollout to locations that receive a lot of orders for cold drinks. But don't worry, Starbucks fans — According to studies the company allegedly conducted, which were made known to The Post, the new ice does not melt any more quickly than the old ice. Additionally, the amount of ice in each beverage won't change.

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