NFL Rumors: Aaron Rodgers to Make $107.55M in 2024 After Jets Contract Restructure

NFL Rumors: Aaron Rodgers to Make $107.55M in 2024 After Jets Contract Restructure

Aaron Rodgers will make a lot of money in 2024. This is because he changed his deal to help the New York Jets' pay cap for this season.

Rich Cimini of ESPN says that Rodgers' total pay in 2024 will be $107.55 million. This is because he decided to move his fully guaranteed $58.3 million option bonus to next year.

The $58.3 million option bonus, the $47 million original option bonus in 2024 from the contract he signed with the Green Bay Packers, and the $1.21 million base salary are all part of his pay.

After Rodgers said he wanted to play for the Jets, his deal was one of the main things people talked about. In March 2022, he signed a three-year, $150.8 million deal with the Packers.

 Each year, his base pay was low, but there were several team and option bonuses in the deal.

Prior to the Rodgers move, the Jets had $8.6 million in cap space open. He was going to use up $31.6 million of the limit.

NFL Network's Tom Pelissero noticed Rodgers was going to sign a new deal to help the Packers' cap. This season, they have $57.1 million in dead cap money, and Rodgers makes up most of that amount ($40,3 million).

The $58.3 million option bonus for 2023 had to be picked up before the start of the regular season.

Cimini said that the Jets can spread out the $47 million option bonus, which will be fully guaranteed on February 16, 2024, over the rest of Rodgers' deal, which goes through the 2027 season, to lower his cap hits.

Cimini says that if the Jets do nothing else but pick up the option bonus, Rodgers would count for $71.26 million against the salary cap in 2024.

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