NFL Passes Major New Rule

NFL Passes Major New Rule

For the 2023 season, the NFL changed primetime game scheduling guidelines.

League owners allegedly authorized Thursday night flexing on Monday.

A Thursday night game might be rescheduled.

All primetime games have flex options after the regulation change.

The league's regular Thursday night games have given football fans another day to watch America's most popular sport.

After Monday Night Football, fans had to wait almost a week to see more football, but that stopped years ago.

The biggest drawback of Thursday night games is a shorter week of rest and preparation.

Shorter downtime is unpopular for several reasons, including player safety, particularly brain damage.

Since Thursday games are broadcast by a different station than other games, the NFL makes more money.

Last season, such games were exclusively streamed on Amazon Prime, indicating the league's apparent acceptance of what has become a major entertainment source that is progressively replacing cable and satellite.

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