MLB fans laugh at the umpire's amusing reaction to his own call.

Alfonso Márquez was the third base umpire for the third game of the Diamondbacks-San Francisco Giants series, a day after he dismissed Arizona Diamondbacks first baseman Christian Walker for clapping. 

Márquez's game was not very controversial, but one of his calls made the audience laugh.With two outs and two men on,

San Francisco's Blake Sabol stepped to the plate with Arizona leading 7-2. Kyle Nelson of Arizona pushed the count to 1-2 before throwing a slider in the dirt in an attempt to induce Sabol to chase.

Sabol offered at first, but then checked his swing. When the appeal was presented to Márquez at third base, he determined that Sabol had gone around, effectively terminating the game.

The call did not appear to be bad at first sight. While no replay was presented, it appeared to be 50-50. Even if Márquez erred, 

he wouldn't be the first umpire to look for strikes in the ninth inning of a lopsided game. Sabol didn't appear to believe he was going around.

Even so, it isn't noteworthy. What was interesting was that, based on his reaction, Márquez himself did not appear to be convinced that it was a swing.

 It was possibly a real-life case of the left hand not understanding what the right hand was doing.