Memorial Day farmer helping others

Memorial Day farmer helping others

Mike Reynolds and his son, from Calhoun, Georgia, are traveling to Fort Moore to support veterans through their non-profit organization, Hero Agriculture.

Hero Agriculture aims to assist military veterans and their families, particularly those with traumatic brain injuries and PTSD, by teaching them farming skills.

The father-son duo is using the holiday weekend as an opportunity for bonding and to make the journey to Fort Moore, despite the heavy traffic in Atlanta.

Through their work during Memorial Day, they help veterans cope with difficult times and provide support during both joyous and challenging holidays.

Mike Reynolds, a veteran himself with a brain injury from his service in Iraq, emphasizes the significance of Memorial Day in honoring those who lost their lives.

As a former flight paramedic, Reynolds also remembers the patients he cared for and those who did not return home to their families.

Reynolds highlights that Memorial Day is not only about commemorating combat-related deaths but also acknowledging the individuals who have died by suicide.

The motivation behind starting the Hero Agriculture program was to give veterans a sense of purpose after their military service.

Reynolds believes that having a mission provides veterans with purpose, and purpose, in turn, gives them hope for the future.

By combining their passion for agriculture and their commitment to supporting veterans, Mike Reynolds and his son are making a positive impact in the lives of those who have served their country.

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