Memorial day crafts for pre-K

Memorial day crafts for pre-K

Handprint Flag: Have the children dip their hands in red and white paint and make handprints on a blue construction paper. Add stars using a stencil or small stamps.

Paper Plate Poppy: Provide pre-cut red paper petals and black centers. Help the children glue the petals onto a paper plate and attach the center to create a poppy flower.

Patriotic Windsocks: Decorate empty paper towel rolls with red, white, and blue streamers. Hang them up and let the wind create a festive display.

Firework Paintings: Show the children pictures of fireworks and let them create their own using paint and glitter. They can use different colors and shapes to make their fireworks unique.

American Flag Collage: Give the children small squares of red, white, and blue construction paper. Help them arrange and glue the pieces to create an American flag collage.

Memorial Day Bracelets: Provide red, white, and blue beads and elastic string. Help the children string the beads onto the elastic to create patriotic bracelets.

Soldier Thank You Cards: Provide blank cards and art supplies. Encourage the children to draw pictures and write thank you messages to soldiers and veterans.

Memorial Day Hats: Cut out hat shapes from red, white, and blue construction paper. Let the children decorate the hats with stickers, markers, and other craft materials.

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