Memorial day crafts for grade 5th

Memorial day crafts for grade 5th

Paper Poppy Wreath: Create a wreath using red paper poppies, symbolizing remembrance and honoring fallen soldiers.

American Flag Sun Catcher: Make a sun catcher using tissue paper in red, white, and blue, shaped like the American flag. Hang it in a window for a patriotic touch.

Patriotic Windsock: Decorate a paper or plastic tube with red, white, and blue materials such as ribbons, crepe paper, and stickers. Hang it outside to catch the wind.

Memorial Day Memory Box: Decorate a shoebox with patriotic colors and symbols. Fill it with notes, drawings, or mementos honoring fallen soldiers.

Paper Chain of Remembrance: Cut strips of red, white, and blue paper and create a paper chain, with each link representing a soldier who has sacrificed their life.

Popsicle Stick Flag: Construct an American flag using popsicle sticks as the flagpole and colored paper or paint for the flag itself.

Red, White, and Blue Paracord Bracelets: Teach the students how to make paracord bracelets using red, white, and blue cords, symbolizing unity and support for the military.

Patriotic Pinwheels: Create pinwheels out of colored paper and attach them to wooden dowels. Decorate them with stars and stripes for a festive Memorial Day display.

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