Memorial day crafts for grade 3

Memorial day crafts for grade 3

Patriotic Paper Flags: Have students create small American flags using construction paper, markers, and glue. They can cut out a flag shape, draw the stars and stripes, and attach a popsicle stick as the flagpole.

Red, White, and Blue Windsocks: Provide students with empty paper towel rolls or recycled containers. Let them decorate the outside with red, white, and blue materials such as streamers, tissue paper, and ribbons. Hang the windsocks outside to catch the wind.

Gratitude Stars: Give each student a star-shaped piece of colored paper. Ask them to write down one thing they are grateful for on their star. Collect and display the stars on a bulletin board or string them together to create a gratitude garland.

Memorial Day Wreaths: Provide students with paper plates or cardboard circles as a base for their wreaths. They can decorate the wreaths with cutouts of red, white, and blue shapes, or use tissue paper to create a patriotic design.

Thank You Cards for Veterans: Have students create handmade thank you cards for veterans. They can use colored paper, markers, and stickers to decorate the cards. Encourage them to write a heartfelt message inside expressing their appreciation.

Memorial Day Bookmarks: Instruct students to design and decorate their own Memorial Day-themed bookmarks using cardstock or construction paper. They can include patriotic symbols, such as flags or stars, and write a short message about the significance of Memorial Day.

Paper Poppy Flowers: Teach students how to create paper poppy flowers, which are often associated with Memorial Day. They can use red construction paper for the petals and a black center. Attach a green pipe cleaner as the stem.

Soldier Silhouettes: Provide students with black construction paper and white chalk or pastels. Instruct them to draw silhouettes of soldiers in different poses, such as saluting or standing at attention. They can then cut out the silhouettes and display them on a classroom wall.

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