Martha Stewart, 81 is Sports Illustrated oldest cover star

Martha Stewart, 81 is Sports Illustrated oldest cover star

Martha Stewart, 81, is the oldest Sports Illustrated swimsuit cover model. At 74, Elon Musk's mother Maye Musk was the oldest cover model. The issue's other cover models are Megan Fox, musician Kim Petras, and model Brooks Nader. Photoshoot in Dominican Republic.

Martha Stewart Inspires Women The businesswoman told the magazine she was excited to appear on the cover and inspire other women. She claimed she didn't worry about age and that it was historic and she'd best look beautiful. Colombian-born Ruven Afanador photographed Stewart.

The magazine cover featured the 81-year-old in a white one-piece swimsuit. “When you’re through changing, you’re through,” she posted on Instagram.

I hope this cover encourages you to attempt new activities at any age. Changing, adapting, and being courageous are great.” Diet and exercise Stewart stays cover girl-ready by doing Pilates everyday, eating well, and prioritizing achievement. She rides horses and advocates for smoking cessation and alcohol moderation.

Stewart's 1980s cookbooks made her famous. With over 99 novels, she started a magazine, restaurant, podcast, and TV shows. Stewart hosts Martha Gardens, Martha Cooks, and Martha Holidays on Roku. She moderates The Martha Stewart Podcast, interviewing successful business executives from diverse industries.

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