Lauren Boebert Will Not Explain Debt Ceiling Vote Absence

After missing Wednesday's House debt ceiling vote, Lauren Boebert delivered a statement without specifically addressing her absence.

Axios Capital Hill reporter Juliegrace Brufke said Boebert "narrowly missed the vote" after "running up the steps right as they gaveled."

President Joe Biden and Speaker Kevin McCarthy reached a deal to raise the debt limit for two years, preventing the first U.S. default in early June.

 After passing the House on Wednesday, the Senate approved it on Thursday, and Biden is anticipated to sign it soon.

The proposal passed the House 314–117, with 71 Republicans voting against it. 

Republican critics said the plan cut too little public expenditure, while Democratic opponents said it went too far and were upset over food assistance program job requirements.

Adam Frisch, who nearly defeated Boebert in Colorado's third congressional district in November 2022, mocked Boebert's unexplained absence online. 

 He tweeted: "How can you represent #CO03 when you don't even turn up? More essential than voting?"

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