La Liga is rife with Vinícius Jr. racism.

La Liga is rife with Vinícius Jr. racism.

Valencia April evening. The match versus national champions is crucial. The Mestalla, with high grandstands and distinctive acoustics, is loud. The pitch surrounds its lower seats.

Bad-tempered game. When they touch the ball, several fans yell at the visiting team's black players. 

Away players violate the fourth wall during play breaks. He draws attention to a grandstand section. Valencia's black centre forward illustrates the bigots' illogic.

Thierry Henry, then of Arsenal, and Valencia's John Carew, not booed, dispute. Arsenal's Patrick Vieira tells reporters: “Uefa are hypocrites. They continually promising to fix this but just fining clubs £2,000–£3,000. Words only.

Never changes. It’s expected.” Uefa's official calls Vieira's remarks "unjustified". In 2003.

Time appears stopped in Mestalla two decades and two months later. Valencia faces Spain's 2021-22 champions. A visiting player leans over the advertising hoardings behind the goal in front of the Mario Kempes stand, interrupting it.

He addresses a spectator. Vinícius Jr. of Real Madrid and Brazil points, screaming, "That one!" It's you!" One of numerous who called him "mono"—monkey—is identified.

Vinícius informs the referee. "Show respect" is announced over the PA system for 10 minutes. La Liga then removes the players off the field. Vinícius tells Carlo Ancelotti he wants to go.

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