Kendrick Perkins criticizes Ben Simmons for troll-ing Philadelphia 

The Philadelphia 76ers had a long and agonizing afternoon as they were  ...

...defeated by the Boston Celtics in Game 7 of their second-round playoff series by a score of 112-88. 

Former Sixer Ben Simmons tweeted a broadcast image of the game with the enormous ...

...Philadelphia deficit on the scoreboard clearly shown as the rout was coming to an end. 

Simmons appeared to be enjoying the Sixers' difficulties in the shot, since he abruptly left the team last year. 

NBA commentator Kendrick Perkins objected to the ...

...frequently injured ex-Sixer's denigration of his former team. 

Perkins remarked, "Hell, he's been watching games all season." "What else is brand-new?"