Jonas Brothers release new album plan mental health tour

Jonas Brothers release new album plan mental health tour

Even though they have been famous for 20 years, the Jonas Brothers still chase butterflies.

Joe, Kevin, and Nick Jonas are putting out their sixth studio album, "The Album," on Friday. In August, they will go on tour in the United States. 

Nick says that the band of brothers are putting themselves in new situations so they can feel "butterflies and excitement" before they go onstage.

When the group starts their tour at Yankee Stadium on August 12, it will be one of those "butterfly moments."

Nick says, "We've been going there all our lives because it's where our favorite baseball team plays." "About a month ago, we got to go to a game and meet some of the players. 

And we were just looking around and thinking, "The 10-year-old version of us that was sitting in the top section would not believe that we're going to play this place twice.

Now that all three band members have young children, Joe says that the brothers are "quicker to return home" after performing.

But that doesn't make them less excited about going on the road.

"We're acting like this is the best trip we've ever been on. "I think that's how we want it to feel for the fans, too," Joe says.

Nick says that traveling "doesn't feel like work." They are also looking forward to spending time together as brothers.

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