Johnny Depp at Cannes: ‘I Don’t Need Hollywood’

Johnny Depp at Cannes: ‘I Don’t Need Hollywood’

On Wednesday, neither Maïwenn, the film's actress-director, nor Johnny Depp, its star actor, arrived for the Cannes Film Festival press conference.

Were they avoiding questions? Maïwenn, who was accused of spitting on a journalist in February, and Depp, who recently won a defamation suit against his ex-wife Amber Heard after she made allegations of physical and sexual abuse, could have their personal scandals overshadow their movie promotion. 

Both attended the opening night showing of "Jeanne du Barry," although Cannes openings are notoriously fawning and finish with a standing ovation. Meeting the press is different.

Depp, who hasn't been in a big Hollywood picture in five years, skipped the morning photo call for "Jeanne du Barry," a French-language drama in which he portrays Louis XV opposite Maïwenn's courtesan. Maïwenn handled the appointment alone, and 25 minutes after the "Jeanne du Barry" press conference began, she entered the media room without her leading man.

She first said that she had offered Depp's job to many French stars who declined. “I wanted to feel strongly about the actor, particularly as I would be hugging and kissing him later on,” she told Depp.

Maïwenn was rarely asked about her altercation with French journalist Edwy Plenel, who said she spat on him in a Paris restaurant because he was investigating multiple sexual abuse claims against director Luc Besson, who had a son with her at 16. 

Depp arrived 42 minutes late and kissed Maïwenn on the head on the dais.

since discussing the French-language requirements of the job, Depp was asked whether he believed Hollywood had boycotted him since he was fired from the "Fantastic Beasts" trilogy in 2020 as his court fights with Heard heated up.

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