Jaws Drop as Woman Loses 130 Pounds Thanks to One Simple Lifestyle Change

Jaws Drop as Woman Loses 130 Pounds Thanks to One Simple Lifestyle Change

At the time of writing, a TikTok video of a woman who dropped 130 pounds by walking more has 1.6 million views. The poster says Pittsburgh-based TikToker Liza (@lizamarie_fit) posted the footage. Following video, the woman lost approximately 300 pounds by walking every night.

"I started with a single STEP!!! Reminder that even small steps are positive." Walking helps lose weight. The Journal of Nutrition published a 12-week weight loss trial in November 2017. One group received a hypoenergetic diet (DI), while the other received the DI and walked 2.5 hours per week.

The study found that "decrease in body weight was accompanied by a significant reduction in total fat mass, which was significantly more pronounced in the DI + walking group than in the DI group." A November 2002 study found that "30 min [minutes] of walking on most days of the week might be as beneficial as 60 min [in combination with diet] in promoting numerous additional healthful outcomes over diet alone following a 12-week weight loss program."

The International Association for the Study of Obesity's publication published the study. On March 5, a woman took a selfie in a mirror while exposing her belly in the viral video. Later, she viewed herself from the side.

"2020 me during lockdown thinking, 'I wonder what would happen if I start walking every evening," stated the video caption. Later footage showed a thinner woman smiling outside a building. The woman walked 30–60 minutes before moving to 10,000 steps each day, according to a later comment.

The original poster subsequently wrote, "Started very small with ONLY walking for the first 3 months making sure I hit a 10k step goal (lost 30lbs just from that!) and then stacked more habits." "I lost 30 pounds walking after I bought my Apple Watch Series 4," said balderoine. "Literally SAME!!!" the original poster answered.

"I truly think I became taller!! My shoe size shrank!" she had "loose skin removed" a few months ago. The viral clip's woman's weight loss motivated many TikTok viewers. "WOW congratulations! "You're so adorable," said user n/a, while "you look sooooooo good" was said by another.

Ashley wrote "WOW!" and Vinny "DAMN GIRL great job!!!" "People don't realize that it only takes a small step to get the ball rolling!!" stated ange. Ashleymayyy15 wrote: "I just started my daily walks and I am excited to move my body more."

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